From 2008-2013 Louisville SAE Midnight Mayhem was hosted at Podium 1 Motoplex in Charlestown, Indiana.  Throughout the event's tenure at Podium 1, the track changed pretty significantly shifting from a motocross track with large double and triple jumps to an oval track for dirt track car races.  By 2013, the track had become an extremely fast track with very few jumps and obstacles that make a Baja SAE track really test vehicles.  In the Spring of 2014 Podium 1 closed leaving Midnight Mayhem homeless.

The organizers began searching for a new venue for Midnight Mayhem that had everything Podium 1 had: lots of surrounding land, a large track, lights, and was close to Louisville.  This proved to be difficult since there are not many lit motocross tracks in the area.  With the help of Google, the team stumbled upon a track that just might work:  it was only 45 minutes from Louisville, actually in Kentucky, lots of land, a large track, and jumps!  Not only were there jumps but based upon YouTube videos they were Baja SAE sized jumps and not the monstrosities that were at Podium 1.  Nickota Motorsports Park was perfect, all except for the fact that it didn't have lights.  In July, the team decided to head up to Nickota and meet the owners and see the track in person anyways. This was the best option and unfortunately at the time it was looking like Midnight Mayhem might become Midday Mayhem. 

Our theories were right, the track was perfect; but how do we keep Midnight Mayhem at night?  Art's Rental Equipment & Supply had been supplying lights for the paddocks for the past several Midnight Mayhems but that was only 6 to 7 light towers; what if they could supply 20 or 30?  The idea of lighting Nickota temporarily actually seemed possible.  The track wraps back and forth on itself meaning that one light could actually illuminate a lot of track surface.  Thankfully, Art's Rental was up for the task delivering 20 light towers to Nickota allowing for Midnight Mayhem to continue its tradition!

Nickota Motorsports Park is a fantastic track and we are excited to return for years and years to come!