Thank You for Volunteering!

We hope you had a great time at Midnight Mayhem and Thanks Again for helping to make this event a success!

Without our volunteers we wouldn't be able to run this event. We want to make sure that our volunteers are happy and having fun when they help out at Midnight Mayhem. We have a few questions for you so we can improve our Volunteer experience for next time.

In case you hadn’t heard, we’ll be hosting an official Baja SAE Competition in May 2020, we hope you’ll come back out and help!

Post-Event Survey

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Pre-Event Information
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On-Site Experience
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I had fun volunteering at Midnight Mayhem.
I would volunteer again at Midnight Mayhem.
You can use this space to add any additional feedback you may have about Volunteering at Midnight Mayhem, or the Event in General!

 Baja SAE Louisville 2020

If you're interested in being contacted closer Baja SAE Louisville 2020 in May, please leave your contact information below:
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