Louisville Midnight Mayhem is an exhibition race, hosted by the University of Louisville and organized by Louisville SAE Baja Alumni, for student built vehicles conforming to the rules of the Baja SAE series.  While this event is organized around the use of Baja SAE vehicles, SAE is not directly involved with the organization and operation of this event.

This annual event invites students from across North America to travel to Kentucky, test new designs and ideas, show new members what Baja SAE is all about, and race wheel to wheel against over fifty other colleges and universities in various racing events.

Like any other event for Baja SAE teams, Midnight Mayhem’s feature event is a wheel-to-wheel endurance race that challenges teams to navigate a course full of rocks, logs, jumps, and other obstacles to see whose car can make the most laps in four hours.  But what makes Midnight Mayhem different? The endurance race is held in the dark! Racing lasts from 8:00PM to Midnight, making Midnight Mayhem the ONLY Baja SAE related event hosted “under the lights” at night, which is why teams come back for this unique experience each year!



Providing Baja SAE teams a full service entity offering product design and development skill building support, and opportunities for real world, hands on experimentation and learning through various design review and mentoring opportunities and annual racing and testing events.


Foster the growth and promotion of the Baja SAE series within new students and communities and encourage students to strengthen their critical thinking, teamwork, and engineering skills through active engagement in real world, hands on experimentation and development of a Baja SAE vehicle.


Goals & Objectives


Actively pursue the opportunity of hosting an official Baja SAE event by 2020.

Continually strive to maintain Midnight Mayhem’s status as the premier exhibition event for student built Baja SAE vehicles.

Ten years ago, this was the vision of the original planning team; attract an official competition to Louisville, KY. In the time since, Midnight Mayhem has grown into an event with the same number of cars, events, and students, of an official SAE competition. Each year, the planning team is continually learning from previous races on how to better handle an event of this size so that when SAE awards us the honor of hosting we will be ready to put together the best event the students have ever seen.

It has been confirmed - Baja SAE is coming to Louisville in 2020!

First and foremost, Midnight Mayhem strives to continue to be the premier exhibition event for Baja SAE series competitors worldwide. Not only does this provide students with the most fun and exciting experience but, also provides Midnight Mayhem with the largest platform possible to promote, cultivate, and foster, the use and growth of engineering and critical thinking skills within its participants.


Impact the community in a positive and rewarding way through partnerships with local organizations and STEM opportunities.

Foster the improvement of design quality within the Baja SAE community.


Midnight Mayhem’s size now offers great visibility to the communities involved with the race and also offers the opportunity to have a large impact on those communities as well. Midnight Mayhem IX will bring a much larger emphasis on this objective with partnerships with schools and organizations in the Bedford, KY and Madison, IN areas. The larger vision of this objective is to not only have an impact on local communities but, to also “Spread the Mayhem” to the communities in which our competitors’ schools are based.

A longer term goal for Midnight Mayhem is to transition from a “race only” event to a full service entity that includes a support structure for helping SAE teams hone their engineering skills through preliminary design reviews and feedback while they are still in the design phase of their season. By doing so, we aim to improve the overall design quality of participating Baja SAE teams and more importantly improve the product design and development skills of the engineers participating in the series.