Midnight Mayhem X

Midnight Mayhem X...Ten years.  It's crazy to think that this incredible event is on its tenth year!  Even crazier is thinking about all of the changes this event has undergone in those ten years.  We started out on a frozen track on a cold November night.  Teams showed up on Saturday morning and prepared for the first ever four hour endurance race held at night.  There were no dynamic events.  Livestreams for professional races, let alone a Baja event, had barely even been thought of.  The timing and scoring apps used by both Midnight Mayhem and SAE were five years away from being a thing.  

Fifteen cars started it all.  Just a handful of universities attended.  Today, we have to limit the field to 100 cars and we have over 60 schools in attendance from all over the US and Canada.  Last year, we had over 1000 people on site to either participate, operate, or watch Midnight Mayhem.  This is all thanks to you!  Your love for this event and coming back each and every year has allowed Midnight Mayhem to thrive and flourish into the largest exhibition event for Baja SAE vehicles worldwide.  It has kept the organizers inspired to continue organizing and to always ask the questions of "what can we do better?" and "what new things can we add next year?"

It hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine throughout our history.  Who could forget "The great parking race" of just a few years ago?  Or even the fact that there was no Midnight Mayhem in 2011?  Even though we've had some issues along the way, all in all Midnight Mayhem has thrived.  You all continue to come back and we thank you so much for that.  We love that in the midst of competition season (March-June), we receive multiple messages and emails asking when Midnight Mayhem is going to be.  We love coming to the SAE events and seeing the paddocks littered with Midnight Mayhem T-shirts.  Our organizers who are Design Judges love hearing you say, "We tested this at Midnight Mayhem."

So, Midnight Mayhem X.  We are extremely excited to announce that Midnight Mayhem X is happening this year on October 13, 2018!  It is a bit later than usual this year due to a very full racing schedule at Nickota Motorsports Park.  While it pushes our date back, we are glad to see that Nickota is also doing extremely well in the Motocross world!  Our organizing team has been working since early this year planning out what Midnight Mayhem X will look like and there are a lot of new features and exciting changes coming.  Over the next few weeks and months we will be rolling out information regarding all of the changes and additions to Midnight Mayhem.

Registration will open on July 9, 2018 at 10:00AM EDT.  This year we will be limiting each team to a maximum of 2 cars as opposed to the 5 of years previous.  As always, we want to provide as many teams as possible with the opportunity to participate in Midnight Mayhem and this is a part of that effort.  As we get closer to July 9, more information will go out on our website and our social media providing instructions on how to register.

Again, thank you all so much for loving Midnight Mayhem and continuing to make this an annual milestone on your team's calendars.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone on October 13th!

Important Dates to Remember

Midnight Mayhem X: October 13, 2018

Registration Opens: July 9, 2018