More Driving than Ever Before at Louisville Midnight Mayhem!

Throughout the history of Midnight Mayhem we have always wanted to bring more opportunities for you and your team to drive and race wheel-to-wheel against other teams in order to keep the event fun and exciting from start to finish.  In 2012, we introduced Dynamic Events which provided all day driving for teams as opposed to the previous show up and wait around until 8:00 to finally get to race.  In 2016, we introduced BajaCross as a way to spice up Dynamic Events by getting some semi-wheel-to-wheel action included during the daytime events.  For the tenth anniversary, we are expanding the driving experience even more!

Friday Night Events

This year, for the first time ever, we proud and excited to announce that Midnight Mayhem is becoming a two day driving event!  The main motocross track at Nickota will open up Friday night to teams!  The events on Friday will be their own separate event with an award for the Friday night winner.  

Test & Tune

We've said it before and in previous posts, part of the appeal to Midnight Mayhem is that it is a perfect opportunity to test new concepts and collect data for the designs of your new car for the next Baja SAE season.  In the spirit of that, Friday night will kick off with a Test & Tune.  From 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM the motocross track will be open with a limited number of cars on course at one time.  Each team will be permitted a few laps (exact number is still TBD and based on how many teams are in line) before being asked to exit in order to allow the next group of cars on.  This should give you time to collect some valuable information and then maybe make some tweaks or change drivers before getting back in line to go back out on course.  This is not meant to be a wheel-to-wheel event.  Like the title says, this is for testing and tuning.  This will not be a scored event.

Sundown Showdown

This is an idea that has been discussed for a couple of years now and we're excited to finally bring it to life.  From 10:00PM to Midnight will be running multiple "heat races" as a fun way to get more drivers exposed to wheel to wheel racing.  This will be a limited number of cars (less than 10) on course in a short distance sprint to the finish.  The final heat of the evening will feature the winners from all of the previous heats.  They will do one final sprint to the finish for first place!  There will be an award given for this event but it will not have any bearing on the overall standings for Midnight Mayhem and Saturday's events.  More information on this will be coming in the next few weeks.

Saturday Events

Dynamic Events


Back by popular demand!  So many of you asked where maneuverability was last year so we are bringing it back.  Maneuverability will follow the traditional SAE format of a course filled with different turns, slaloms, and obstacles meant to challenge your vehicle and driver's abilities to navigate the course as quickly as possible.  Penalties will be added for any cones knocked over.


BajaCross is a Mayhem staple now.  Everyone loves the wheel-to-wheel nature of our take on an SAE Suspension & Traction event.  This will be the third year of this event and we have plans for a more fun and challenging course!

Endurance Race

So the attempt at a six hour race was cool, but it had its complications.  We always enjoy branching away from the traditional four hour event because it gives everyone something different to look forward too.  With this being the ten year anniversary of Midnight Mayhem, a fun Endurance Race has been a hot topic among the organizers.  We've decided that we're throwing the timed event out the window; this year's event will be for distance.  Our target is 100 miles.  We say it's our target because there are a lot of factors that have to be considered.  Average speed, track length, and weather are just a few of them.  We are heading to Nickota in the next few weeks to work out a new course layout that will eliminate the issues and bottlenecks we've experienced over the last couple of events while still being challenging and fun and allow us to complete 100 miles in a reasonable time. 

100 Miles is not the only plan for the tenth Midnight Mayhem. There is a unique twist that we're hoping to add into the event that we can't quite announce just yet.  

Over the coming weeks we will make the actual race length known through social media, our website, and direct emails to the registered teams.