Midnight Mayhem X Registration Checklist

Registration opens on Monday!  We want to make sure that your team is 100% prepared to hit that "Register Now" button right when registration opens at 10:00AM EDT.  We've put together a little checklist for you to go through when getting ready for Louisville Midnight Mayhem X Registration.

Louisville Midnight Mayhem X Registration Checklist

Team Information

This should be fairly self-explanatory; we need to know who you are.  We do ask a few additional questions like how many team members you are bringing with you.  This helps us get an estimate of our attendance ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly to support that number with facilities, t-shirts, food, etc.

Approximate number of team members

As the heading states, this is an approximation.  We realize that everyone's team size is up in the air right now because Midnight Mayhem happens right after the start of the Fall Semester and you are in the middle of recruiting.  This is just to help us understand what kind of attendance numbers to expect.  Take your best guess if you don't know for sure.  You're all engineers; educated guesses based on limited information are what we do!

Will you be participating in Louisville Midnight Mayhem's Sundown Showdown?

If you have not heard, Louisville Midnight Mayhem is offering driving opportunities on both Friday and Saturday for the first time!  We announced a few weeks ago that we will be hosting Sundown Showdown on Friday evening which will provide your team with an opportunity to do some testing on the motocross track at Nickota and then we'll cap off the night with some heat races. Sundown Showdown is going to be a fun night with a unique twist that we'll be announcing more information on soon.  For the full announcement check out our previous blog post!  We need to get a rough measure of how many teams plan to participate so that we can plan accordingly to support the evening's events.

Will you be camping on site?

Again, more of a gauge for space requirements.  We like to get an idea of who will be camping at Louisville Midnight Mayhem and what nights you are intending to camp.

Car Information

This is where we deviate a bit from an official SAE registration.  SAE gives you your car number and the rest of the information is collected at competition.  Because we allow teams to bring multiple vehicles from various years we like to get all of this up front.  Plus, by not assigning numbers we are trying to help reduce some work load on you in preparing for Midnight Mayhem.  

Car Number

We don't assign car numbers, we use the ones your cars already have; for the most part.  There is always some overlap and we end up with cars from different teams whose numbers are the same.  As we get closer to Mayhem, we will reach out to those teams individually and work with them to get the duplicate number issues corrected.  We do all of this ahead of time because you need time to make the numbers and it would be a headache to update all of our scoring systems on site as well.

Transponder Number

We use the same transponder systems that SAE uses at official events.  SAE traditionally asks for your transponder number on your tech sheet and the databases are updated as you go through Technical Inspection.  We like to get as many of those in our system ahead of time for as many vehicles as we can.  Additionally, since teams are bringing multiple vehicles they may need to rent transponders to cover some of their cars.  We need to know this ahead of time.  Entering 0000 on the registration form will tell us you intend to rent a transponder.

Year car last competed

All cars competing at Louisville Midnight Mayhem are required to have a complete, official Passed Tech sticker from an SAE event held between 2013 and 2018.  This is the first checkpoint for ensuring that.  Plus, its some fun data to see how many cars each team keeps running through the years.

Captain & Advisor Information

We need to know how to contact the people in charge of your team!  For the most part, we will communicate with your team captain.  This will include sending out any email announcements to your team, correcting duplicate number issues, and whatever else may come up as being necessary information to collect or share with your team before Louisville Midnight Mayhem X.  We will likely never contact your advisor directly.  This is here for emergency situations or if we cannot reach your captain for whatever reason.

Survey Question: Pre-Purchasing Lunch and Dinner

Our returning teams will remember that last year we had a bit of a food shortage on site from our vendor.  We won't get into the details of why that happened but, it wasn't good for you or us as organizers.  We are working to prevent that from happening again and would like to know your thoughts and interests in pre-ordering meal tickets.  This would be a way to guarantee that your team has food reserved on site for lunch and dinner when you are at Midnight Mayhem.  You would receive your tickets upon arrival on site and then would simply hand them to our vendor(s) during lunch and dinner hours; very similar to picking up food for your team at an SAE event.  Let us know your thoughts!

Don't forget, Registration opens on Monday, July 9th at 10:00AM EDT!!  We are anticipating a full field and that we will fill up within just a few days of registration opening.  Do not miss out on your opportunity to compete in our tenth anniversary event!




Alex Bays