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Louisville Midnight Mayhem X Registration Information

We are just a little bit over a week away from opening registration for the the tenth anniversary of Louisville Midnight Mayhem!  In preparation for that, we thought we would take some time to provide you with all of the information you need to know about registration for both your team and your team members this year.  

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More Driving than Ever Before at Louisville Midnight Mayhem!

Throughout the history of Midnight Mayhem we have always wanted to bring more opportunities for you and your team to drive and race wheel-to-wheel against other teams in order to keep the event fun and exciting from start to finish.  In 2012, we introduced Dynamic Events which provided all day driving for teams as opposed to the previous show up and wait around until 8:00 to finally get to race.  In 2016, we introduced BajaCross as a way to spice up Dynamic Events by getting some semi-wheel-to-wheel action included during the daytime events.  For the tenth anniversary, we are expanding the driving experience even more!

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Midnight Mayhem X

We are extremely excited to announce that Midnight Mayhem X is happening this year on October 13, 2018!  It is a bit later than usual this year due to a very full racing schedule at Nickota Motorsports Park.  While it pushes our date back, we are glad to see that Nickota is also doing extremely well in the Motocross world!  Our organizing team has been working since early this year planning out what Midnight Mayhem X will look like and there are a lot of new features and exciting changes coming.  Over the next few weeks and months we will be rolling out information regarding all of the changes and additions to Midnight Mayhem.

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