Camping at Midnight Mayhem

Keeping cost of attending Midnight Mayhem down has always been a priority for the organizing team since Midnight Mayhem began in 2008.  A part of that effort has always been the allowance of camping on site for all teams at NO COST.  Camping is open on the night prior to the event (Friday) and on event day as well (Saturday).  

Camping Policy

campground access

  1. All campers must be notify the Midnight Mayhem Organizers (via Team Registration Form) that they are camping.
  2. A competitor wristband is required in order to enter the camping area.

General Rules

  2. Tents are only permitted in the designated camping area.  Camping trailers or RV will not be permitted on site. 
  3. Keep your camping area clean.  Teams will receive a trash bags from registration so you can properly dispose of your team’s trash.  Place your full trash bags in the trash cans located throughout the paddocks area! If the cans are full, place your full trash bags NEATLY next to the cans.  If your team needs more trash bags, please ask registration for more. 
  4. Any vehicles not towing a trailer will be directed to general parking after unloading upon arrival to Nickota Motorsports Park. 


  1. Small fires are permitted in the campground only.  Keep them controlled and a fire extinguisher nearby. 
  2. Do not build fires near or under trees.
  3. Do not burn cans, glass or trash.
  4. Burn no wood longer than 2 feet in length.
  5. Keep flammable materials away from fire area.
  6. Do not set hot grilles or other hot objects on tables.
  7. Put out fire upon departure of campsite.