The impact and reach of Midnight Mayhem has grown tremendously over the years.  Beginning in 2008, Midnight Mayhem has grown from a race that featured fifteen cars representing less than ten different universities to an action packed day for one hundred cars that represent over fifty different universities and colleges from across the United States and Canada. 

For our collegiate competitors Midnight Mayhem provides them with opportunities to:

Discover the fun side of engineering.

Midnight Mayhem is often times the first point of exposure to the Baja SAE world for new team members and incoming freshmen.  The relaxed environment of Midnight Mayhem combined with the fact that teams are racing and competing using vehicles that have been designed and built by their hands really showcases that engineering has a fun side.  Climbing hills, jumping, and driving over large obstacles, all while passing other cars on the track with you, provides engineering students with a fun and engaging way to take everything that they learn in the classroom and apply to a real world application. 

Promote Baja SAE to new team members.

Midnight Mayhem began in 2008 as a fun race in the fall for teams to come and participate in a fun and relaxed environment and show new members what Baja SAE is all about.  Intentionally scheduled close to the beginning of the Fall Semester, Midnight Mayhem offers teams an opportunity to bring incoming freshmen and other new members to experience what Baja is all about without the high stress and intensity levels of the spring time competitions.


Prepare for the upcoming Baja SAE season.

The summer and fall are heavy design and development seasons for the Baja SAE world.  Students are assessing the successes and failures of the previous season and implementing new designs and re-designs to improve upon their results from the official competitions.  Midnight Mayhem provides a unique opportunity to all of its teams to bring new design concepts and test them in an environment that is as competition-like as possible.  Being the only off season race that features a field equal to the size of an official competition, Midnight Mayhem also provides teams with an opportunity to benchmark their new design’s performance against a large portion of their competitors in order to gauge the success of their new designs.

Interact with corporations actively seeking new employees from the Collegiate Design Series.

Midnight Mayhem has been proud to partner with multiple corporations that are actively seeking employees with the skills, knowledge, and experience that all SAE competitors gain throughout their time participating in the SAE CDS.  These companies bring recruiters and products to Midnight Mayhem allowing students to gain exposure to their companies and discuss opportunities for co-ops, internships, and full time positions.