Growth of Mayhem

Year over year growth in the size of Midnight Mayhem is proof enough that this event is extremely successful and beneficial to Baja SAE teams across North America.  Starting as a small, unknown event in 2008 with 16 cars from 12 universities, Midnight Mayhem has flourished into an event featuring teams from all over the Eastern and Mid-western United States and two Canadian provinces.  In 2015, we had so many cars that it became difficult to get everyone through all of the events of the day!  This forced the organizing team to implement a 100 car limit to the event in 2016 that will continue forward for future events.  Fifty universities is an impressive number for an exhibition race but, Mayhem isn't finished growing; the organizers are actively pursuing ways of getting more and more teams to participate in this great race!

Midnight Mayhem Attendance

Student Attendance

Louisville Midnight Mayhem 21

Who's been to the most Midnight Mayhems?

There are in fact 3 teams that have been attending this event since it's small beginnings in 2008.  Of course the host school, the University of Louisville, is one of those but, The Ohio State University and Purdue University have also never missed a race!

Louisville Midnight Mayhem 22

Who travels the farthest?

At 933 miles away from the site of Midnight Mayhem, Northeastern University travels the farthest distance to attend Midnight Mayhem.  They have been in attendance in 2013 and we hope to see they continue to do so each year!

Attendance by Gender (%)

Attendance by Age (%)