Louisville Midnight Mayhem XI Registration




Change Summary for Midnight Mayhem XI

The organizing team has made some changes to the team registration and the competitor registration processes for 2019 in order to make the event run more smoothly, efficiently, and safely throughout the weekend.  Our goal is to eliminate the long lines on Saturday morning.  By doing so, this will allow us to open Tech Inspection and Dynamic Events up earlier providing you with more time to get your runs in.

  1. Only vehicles with Passed Tech stickers from Baja SAE events in 2015 - 2019 are eligibile

  2. Teams can register no more than 2 cars

  3. No one will be permitted beyond the front gates without having first checked in.

Detailed Team & Student Registration Information

Car Limit

Midnight Mayhem XI will be limited to a field of 100 cars.  Each team is allowed to register up to 2 cars.  Please note that Midnight Mayhem has a unique car capping process that is aimed at allowing as many schools to participate each year. Your second car is not immediately guaranteed to compete. When the 100 car limit is reached, the last team to register 2 cars will be asked to drop a car in order to allow another team to participate.

Vehicle Eligibility

Vehicles eligible to compete at Louisville Midnight Mayhem XI must meet the following requirements:

Student Created 

The vehicle and associated documentation must be conceived, designed, manufactured and fabricated by the team members without direct involvement from professional engineers, faculty or professionals in the off-road and racing communities. 

Age of Vehicle 

The vehicle must have competed, passed technical inspection, and retained its full Baja SAE® Passed Tech sticker from a competition held from 2015-2019.  Vehicles must have competed in and passed tech in at least one of the following:


Baja SAE Auburn

Baja SAE Maryland

Baja SAE Oregon


Baja SAE Tenessee Tech

Baja SAE California

Baja SAE Rochester


Baja SAE California

Baja SAE Kansas

Baja SAE Illinois


Baja SAE Maryland

Baja SAE Kansas

Baja SAE Oregon


Baja SAE Tennessee Tech

Baja SAE California

Baja SAE Rochester


Student | Driver Eligibility

Eligibility is limited to undergraduate and graduate students. Individual members of teams participating in this competition must satisfy the following requirements: 

Student Status 

Team members must be enrolled as degree seeking undergraduate or graduate student in a college or university.  


Team members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or seventeen (17) years of age with parental consent at the time of the competition. 

Driver’s License 

Team members who will drive a competition vehicle at any time during a competition must hold a valid, government issued driver’s license. This will be required onsite for proof. 

Competitor Pass

A COMPETITOR PASS grants you the following: 

  • Unique Smart Wristband that is required for access to specific areas and events including ALL driving activities. 

  • Full weekend access to the Louisville Midnight Mayhem XI

    • 12:00PM EDT September 20, 2019 through 12:00PM EDT September 22, 2019 

  • Access to all spectator areas and paddocks 

  • Driving privileges for all events (upon completion of Driver Training & Safety Course on site) 

  • Working privileges in the paddocks (with proper PPE equipped) 

  • FREE Louisville Midnight Mayhem XI T-shirt (size guaranteed if pass is purchased on or before September 1, 2019) 

Liability Waiver 

All on-site participants and faculty are required to sign a liability waiver prior to or upon registering on-site.  If under the age of eighteen (18), the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. 

Driver TraininG & Safety Meeting

All students wishing to be eligible to drive at Midnight Mayhem X will be required to attend a driver training & safety meeting while on site at Midnight Mayhem.