Midnight Mayhem

The inaugural race for what would one day become the largest exhibition event worldwide for Baja SAE teams, Louisville Midnight Mayhem kicked off on November 8, 2008.  Sixteen cars representing twelve universities arrived at Podium 1 Motoplex just outside of Louisville, KY on a cold day to participate in the first ever night time endurance event for a Baja SAE vehicle.  Starting out on a saturated track, the early stages of the race were marked by cars struggling to climb some of the steep hills at Podium 1.  As the night went on, temperatures plummeted well below freezing resulting in a track that hardened up and became extremely fast.  After four hours, the top three teams were separated by just a handful of laps and the University of Louisville claimed the top spot followed closely by The Ohio State University and the University of Windsor!

Louisville Midnight Mayhem 1

1st Place:

University of Louisville

Car# 30 | 68 Laps

Louisville Midnight Mayhem 2

2nd Place:

The Ohio State University

Car# 29 | 67 Laps

Louisville Midnight Mayhem 3

3rd Place:

University of Windsor

Car# 41 | 63 Laps


Registered Teams


Loiusville Midnight Mayhem Highlights