Midnight Mayhem IX

Sticking to the tradition of Midnight Mayhem by experimenting with new concepts on a Baja SAE style event, Louisville Midnight Mayhem IX explored a change to the Endurance Event: Six Hours.  Instead of the usual 4 hour race, the Endurance Event went 6 hours, beginning at 6:00PM and ending at Midnight.  This added a couple of new elements to the event.  First, it't 2 hours longer so your car has to last longer than normal.  This brought the question of "Will the powerhouses continue to dominate?  Or will they have issues due to the increased race length and someone else rise to the top?"  The second new element was that teams would now have to deal with the transition from day to night.  While the event went over well, it was taxing on our on course volunteers making us rethink how to implement it better in the future.  The 6 hour Endurance is not off the table for future events but it will look different should it ever surface again.  The University of Louisville claimed it's fifth Louisville Midnight Mayhem title, separated by less than one lap from the second place University of Nebraska - Lincoln!

Louisville Midnight Mayhem IX Winner

1st Place: University of Louisville

Car# 9 | 26 Laps

Midnight Mayhem IX Runner Up

2nd Place: University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Car# 7 | 26 Laps

Louisville Midnight Mayhem IX 3rd Place

3rd Place: Rochester Institute of Technology

Car# 142 | 26 Laps