Midnight Mayhem VI

Louisville Midnight Mayhem VI saw the largest change of the event to date; a track change.  With the closure of Podium 1 Motoplex, Louisville Midnight Mayhem was left without a home but we soon found a new one that was even better than the last.  In 2014 we moved to Nickota Motorsports Park, the new home of Louisville Midnight Mayhem.  Located in Bedford, KY we were able to bring this Kentucky school hosted race back to Kentucky on a track with obstacles sized well for a Baja SAE vehicle and with lots of room to incorporate wooded sections with more natural obstacles as well.  

For the second time in Midnight Mayhem history, the weather turned cold.  We actually saw snow falling in the morning.  That didn't stop the competing teams from pushing their cars to their limits.  We saw the growth of Midnight Mayhem continuing with a slightly larger field of 65 cars but we gained the attendance of some of the perennial Baja SAE powerhouses in the University of Michigan and Rochester Institute of Technology.  In their first appearance, RIT claimed the top spot at our first race at Nickota!

Louisville Midnight Mayhem VI Winner

1st Place: Rochester Institute of Technology

Car# 10 | 67 Laps

Louisville Midnight Mayhem VI Runner Up

2nd Place: Central Michigan University

Car# 73 | 59 Laps

Louisville Midnight Mayhem VI 3rd Place

3rd Place: Ohio Northern University

Car# 32 | 59 Laps