Midnight Mayhem VII

There comes a time in most everyone's Baja SAE careers that leaves them saying, "What just happened?  How could this have gone so horribly wrong?"  If there was one Louisville Midnight Mayhem to fit that same statement, it was Midnight Mayhem VII.  Weather struck again; hard.  Heavy rains fell all through the week leading up to Louisville Midnight Mayhem VII and light rains fell all throughout the morning and early afternoon but the cloud cover never went away.  The result, the majority of cars couldn't even get up the slightest of inclines at the start of the race.  Dubbed "The Great Parking Race" later that evening, Louisville Midnight Mayhem VII brought the first red flag, full stop, event to the event.  An hour and a half of redirecting the course and getting as much mud off as possible left us with about an hour and half long endurance event.  In the end, Louisville Midnight Mayhem VII still went over well with plenty of driving opportunities during the day through our Dynamic Events and a close Endurance Event once we got things sorted with the track.  Michigan Technological University just edged out a victory by less than two minutes over Grove City College!

Louisville Midnight Mayhem VII Winner

1st Place: Michigan Technological University

Car# 99 | 16 Laps

Louisville Midnight Mayhem VII Runner Up

2nd Place: Grove City College

Car# 75 | 16 Laps | Gap to 1st - 1 min. 15 sec.

Louisville Midnight Mayhem VII 3rd Place

3rd Place: Purdue University

Car# 90 | 16 Laps | Gap to 2nd: 1 min. 37 sec.