Midnight Mayhem VIII

Good weather and good racing conditions found their way back the Bluegrass for Louisville Midnight Mayhem VIII.  New to this year was the introduction of a new twist on an old Baja standby; BajaCross.  We took the standard Suspension & Traction event from an SAE event and spiced it up a bit by putting two lanes on the course and sending two cars off at a time to give the feeling of racing to beat the other car.  This has been a successful hit the last two years and improvements are made to it year over year!  RIT claimed their second Louisville Midnight Mayhem victory and became the first team to ever win two Midnight Mayhems with the same car!

Louisville Midnight Mayhem VIII Winner

Rochester Institute of Technology

Car# 10 | 30 Laps

Louisville Midnight Mayhem VIII Runner Up

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Car# 65 | 30 Laps

Midnight Mayhem VIII 3rd Place

Marquette University 

Car# 56 | 30 Laps