Midnight Mayhem X

Our TENTH ANNIVERSARY EVENT! Ten years of Mayhem. From the onset of planning, we wanted to make this Mayhem the biggest and most successful event to date and we succeeded. Nearly 1100 students attended Midnight Mayhem X, an astounding 400 more than the year previous! Midnight Mayhem X brought forth a new element to Mayhem; the Sundown Showdown. A driving event was held on Friday night making Midnight Mayhem X the first two day Midnight Mayhem ever. Teams braved the rain to compete in our unique relay style event that was aimed at getting universities to meet and work together to come out on top. Thankfully good weather came on Saturday, allowing for perfect day of Dynamic Events and then a traditional 4 hour Endurance Event which was won by the University of Wisconsin - Stout!

Midnight Mayhem (72 of 84).jpg

1st Place: University of Wisconsin - Stout

Car# 63 | 54 Laps


2nd Place: Western University

Car# 26 | 52 Laps

Old Yell'r in Flight.JPG

3rd Place: Grove City College

Car# 75 | 52 Laps