Tech Inspection

bring your own tech sheets!

All cars are required to go through a Technical Inspection on site at Midnight Mayhem.  Just like at an SAE event, cars may not be operated until Tech has been fully passed.  As we do an abbreviated inspection, all competing cars are required to have an official Passed Tech sticker from an SAE event occurring in 2013-2018.  If you are competing in the Sundown Showdown your car must pass tech on Friday October 12th!  Plan your travel accordingly to allow time to get through.  Please do not show up on site an hour before Tech closes!!


required for all on site!

Students, advisors, spectators, and volunteers are all required to sign a waiver prior to or upon arrival at Midnight Mayhem!  You will not be permitted access to the site until you have done so.  Signing your waivers online ahead of time will speed up your check in time significantly so go ahead and do it.  It just takes a couple of minutes!

Midnight Mayhem Rules

Don't get sent home early!

Everyone attending and/or competing at Midnight Mayhem should make themselves familiar with our rules and regulations.  These are to be followed at all times while on site.  Failure to do so could result in penalties and/or immediate dismissal from the event.  Help us keep Midnight Mayhem a safe and fun environment for all!


Site Maps

don't get lost!

Need to know where something is going on at Midnight Mayhem?  Look no further!  We have the most detailed, accurate, and comprehensive maps of any Baja event.  

Transponder Rental

$30 Rental Fee

As per usual, we will be offering rental transponders  through Michigan Technological University for those that need one for their second car don't have a spare.  There is a $30 rental fee plus a $150 deposit that will be returned to you upon return of the transponder to MTU.

Schedule of Events

print copies for your trailer!

What's happening and when?  Midnight Mayhem is now two full days of events stacked right on top of each other.  Make sure your team doesn't miss out on all that is happening.  Save a copy to your phone and hang some in your trailer while on site!  The schedules are subject to change and the Midnight Mayhem staff will make you aware of any changes should they occur.


Transponder Rental Request


Please fill out the form below to request a rental transponder.  We have a limited supply so please do so as soon as possible.

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