Louisville Midnight Mayhem Sponsors Recruiting Brand Awareness Invest in the Future


Louisville Midnight Mayhem Sponsors Recruiting Brand Awareness Invest in the Future

Generate Brand Awareness

Louisville Midnight Mayhem Sponsors Recruiting Brand Awareness Invest in the Future

Invest in the Future

Louisville Midnight Mayhem provides your company with the unique opportunity to recruit intern and full time students from over 60 universities from one location!  Comprised mostly of engineering students, we believe that students of the Baja SAE series are some of the best engineers around and here's why:

All students attending Louisville Midnight Mayhem have experience with REAL WORLD product development.

Each and every year Baja SAE teams are challenged to design, build, test, and compete with a new vehicle.  This means that each year, students are developing schedules and timelines to complete all of the necessary work in order to get their car to competition in the spring.  They are developing project management skills, teamwork skills, and taking everything they learn in the engineering classroom and applying it to a real world, tangible thing.  These students have experience with doing component level design work with CAD and other CAE tools like FEA and CFD.  Sure, a lot of students have these abilities but what sets an SAE student above the rest is their knowledge of design for manufacturing.  The vehicles used at Louisville Midnight Mayhem and the Baja SAE events are not virtual vehicles; they are real tangible objects that must be manufacturable.  These students design within the limits of tooling and equipment they have available to them.  For the most part, they will then build these components themselves and then proceed to test various parts or the vehicle as a whole.  When we say test, we don't just mean they take the car out and drive around to see if something breaks either.  The students are developing data acquisition systems to collect real world data for load, speed, temperatures, or whatever they need in order to validate that their models and ensure their designs will withstand the brutal tests that they will be put through during an event. 

As a sponsor of Louisville Midnight Mayhem you are investing in the future of engineering as a whole.  First of all, you are showing support for an event and a program that actively encourages engineering students to continually learn and refine their skills as engineers.  In addition to the students in attendance, spectators of all ages are encouraged to attend.  You are supporting an effort to show the public that engineering is fun and inspiring the next generations of potential engineers to pursue engineering as a career path.  Louisville Midnight Mayhem is not a closed event.  This in turn will show an investment in the future of the engineering field and generate positive brand awareness for your company.

Partnering with Louisville Midnight Mayhem through our many sponsorship opportunities is an excellent investment for any company, especially if you are looking for the best young engineers to join your company.  For more information follow the link below and feel free to contact us directly for any questions you may have.


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