Midnight Mayhem is a 100% volunteer run organization and event.  It takes approximately 150 volunteers to make the largest exhibition race for Baja SAE vehicles happen each year!  From checking in teams to flipping cars back over onto their wheels, there are jobs for everyone to come and help out with.  

General Volunteer Roles

We have jobs for everyone!   Putting on a day full of events requires lots of volunteers doing all sorts of different jobs.  When you arrive on site, we will direct you to where you will start out for the day and provide you with all of the necessary training you need to do each job safely and successfully!

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There are over 1000 students and spectators that attend Midnight Mayhem each year! As a member of the Registration Staff, you will be working directly with each team as they arrive. You will help them through the registration process ensuring that all of their documents, tickets, etc. are in order and that they are ready to race!

Technical Inspection

As a Tech Inspector you will be up close and personal with the cars.  Before any car is allowed to even have its engine started, the car must undergo an inspection to ensure that the driver, team members, and anyone else that interacts with the car can do so safely.  As a Tech Inspector, you will work in groups to ensure that each car meets the requirements laid out in the Tech Inspection sheet.

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Dynamic Events

Working Dynamic Events is a great way to really see what these cars can do! These events are short, closed course events that test a specific aspect of the car. As a Dynamic Events Volunteer you may be asked to help reset the course, get cars unstuck, flip a rolled over car back onto its wheels, record times, check the driver's seat belt and other safety gear, and other various task related to running the event.


With so many people attending Midnight Mayhem, we have to have an efficient and organized process to fit everyone's cars on site.  Additionally, teams are bringing trucks and trailers that also need to be placed in the paddock areas while providing everyone ample space to work on their vehicles.  As a volunteer, you would help direct people in parking their cars, trucks, and trailers.

Volunteer sign ups will begin on August 6, 2018.  More information will be released here prior to that date.

Specialized Volunteer Roles

In addition to our general volunteering roles, we have some more specialized roles that may require a specific skill set or you to bring in specific pieces of equipment.  Because of this our application process is a bit different and you may also be asked to attend (via phone) one or two short meetings before race day as well. 

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Recovery Crew

Like any form of racing, cars at Midnight Mayhem sometimes have issues and break down.  We utilize a recovery team of ATVs and UTVs to safely tow these cars back to the paddock areas as quickly as possible so that teams can begin repairs and get back out on course.

We have partnered with the Cheaha Trail Riders for the last several years and will continue to do so!  These roles are reserved for those members and will be given to them first.


Volunteer sign ups will begin on August 6, 2018.  More information will be released here prior to that date.