What to Wear

Welcome to Kentucky!  Where the weather is made up and the forecast doesn't matter.

But seriously, we're not kidding.  The weather in Kentucky in the Fall can be just about whatever you can dream up.  In the last 3 to 4 years of Louisville Midnight Mayhem we have seen snow, torrential rains, and even summertime heat.  With that being said, it's best to just be prepared for everything when you come to Midnight Mayhem.  As you are preparing to make your way to Kentucky, we highly encourage you to check the weather forecasts for Bedford, KY daily during the week leading up to the event weekend.  This will give you the best "prediction" of what you need to be prepared for.  Again, don't take the forecast as gospel.  We still recommend being prepared for all weather conditions. 


We can't emphasize this enough, pack for all weather conditions.  Bring a winter coat, a lighter jacket, rain jacket, and a sweatshirt or hoodie.  Because it's an off road event, you might consider bringing 2 just in case one gets covered in mud or soaked in water.

Shirts & Pants

Dress comfortably.  Shorts, t-shirts, pants, etc. are all acceptable.  


Drivers must wear long pants (cotton/Nomex), socks, shoes, gloves, and a long sleeved upper garment.  Jerseys, gloves, socks or other garments made from nylon or any other synthetic material which will melt when exposed to high heat, are expressly prohibited. 


Open toed shoes are prohibited at Midnight Mayhem! 

Bring comfortable shoes!  During your time at Midnight Mayhem, you will be doing a lot of walking around the event site so be sure that you have something you are comfortable doing that in.  

Bring a second pair of shoes.  If it rains and rains heavy, you'll definitely want a second pair of shoes that are dry and mud free for the ride home.

Boots.  Again, if it rains, tennis shoes or running shoes will not be the most comfortable things to be walking through the mud in.  Make sure you have something that will provide good traction in wet and muddy conditions that will keep your feet nice and dry!